Regular Expression Tools IP is an IP address which is used by some routers and modems as a defaul address IP address. It means that they will use out of the box to identify on the network and create a local network based on it. Specifically IP addresses will be allocated from - IP address range. Typically networks based on this IP address will have 254 IP addresses available to a devices but it is possible to extend it to 65536 by modifying the default IP and subnet mask.

Not all IP addresses from the network IP range are available. IP address is used to identify the network and IP address is used to broadcast to all devices on the network. Some IP addresses could also be reserved by devices with static IP addresses assigned to them.

Below is a list of some routers models which use IP address as a default IP address:

  • TP-Link
  • Ubiquiti
  • Netgear
  • US Robotics
  • Netcomm
  • Linksys

To configure a router using you should open a browser and navigate to You will see router administration console login. Type your router administrative username and password in order to login.

Router default credentials

Typically routers use "admin/admin" as default credentials. You can try those and see if they work for your router. If not you should try looking for credentials in your router manual. You can also check the bottom of your router: some ISPs write down router admin credentials and WiFi network credentials there.

Find out your router IP address

If you don't know IP address which your router uses as a default you can follow instructions links below to find it out.

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